DWM Fri 8/28/15

Fri 8/28/15:
AD – 3min @ 150W
AD – 2min @ 250W
AD – 1min @ 350W
Figured out that these are level 3, 5 & 7, which helped. Good warm up, I actually like it better than the 65-75-85% effort on the rower.
Thrusters – 3x 15 for time @ 115#; rest 3-4min (complete recovery)
No trouble here, actually getting faster here than in previous weeks. Times were 26 seconds each time. Not the best reps of all time, but I was trying my best to get to 25 seconds so I was really pushing. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Rest 5min
60sec AD @ 350-375W
20 Burpees (goal is to hit these in 60sec)
60sec AD @ 350-375W
Rest 3min
x3 Rounds
These were damn good. I can’t decide if I dislike these or the rowing ones more, but they got me going. I easily finished the burpees in the 60 seconds each time, usually between 54 & 56 seconds.
60sec AD @ 350-375W
20 Box Jump Overs @ 24″
60sec AD @ 350-375W
Rest 3min
x3 Rounds
These were the best I’ve ever done. I started doing this kind of diagonal body position jump over and it helped me cut A LOT of time. I ended up getting the 20 reps done in around 40 seconds each round. I’ll take video of this technique next time I do some box jump overs. I finished each of these with transitions in 2:45 or less.
AD – 10-15min Flush @ EN0 (100-120 BPM)
CS Rec / Plyo
Did this work. Nice and boring…

A1. Ring Dip – 4 x 15 Ub; rest 45sec
A2. CTB – 4 x 15 UB; rest 45sec
A3. KB Swing – 4 x 15 UB; rest 45sec (2p)
A4. Sled Push – 4 x 30sec; rest 4min (mod-heavy load, high tunover)
This was a great combo. No trouble going unbroken, grip started to suck, but I wasn’t in danger of losing anything. The sled is a bitch, but it doesn’t really hit you until after the 30 seconds. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

B. Bar Hanging Hollow to L – accumulate 60 total reps not for time (slow controlled up/down)
These were pretty easy. I did them super slow and did sets of 10. Grip was the only reason I stopped at 10 at the beginning. Core got lit up around rep 40.
Mobility – 20min

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