DWM Fri 8/7/15

Fri 8/7/15:
Coached from 6-10 AM, then picked up Alex and drove to Chico. Got here about 3 pm, did my “AM” training and then called it a day. Excited for the athlete camp tomorrow. I owe you Tues/Wed of training logs, just waiting for the videos to load to youtube.

Row – 3min @ 65%
Row – 2min @ 75%
Row – 1min @ 85%
No trouble, I’m getting used to this and it’s getting better.
Row – 30sec @ 95%
Rest – 60sec
I’m rowing sub-1:25 here regularly now. I think this bodes pretty well for a future 500m test.
Rest 5min
Row – 1k @ 1:53 pace
Rest 30sec
Rest 2min
x2 (6k total rowing)
Still holding strong on these pacing drills. I only had 1 interval that wasn’t a 1:53.0 and it was a 1:53.1 because I got lazy and didn’t do a final pull at like 10 meter. These do start to get a little difficult in round 3, 5 & 6, but still not at a pace that I’m worried or killing myself to make. Alex was with me during this, he didn’t do it, but he did a handful of slow short intervals just go loosen the legs up after the drive. I am going to clean up his rowing technique, it’s not horrible, but it could use some work.
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