DWM Fri 8/8/14

Fri 8/8/14:
Only slept 6.5 hours last night, which wasn’t good, but I had to coach late and had to pack for the wedding on Friday and then coach early too. Pretty damn sore and tight from the deadlifts and work on Thursday.

I 10
C 8
E 10

Good training session in the parking lot. My back was kind of tight after the deadlifts the day before and after 3 hours in the car in traffic, but I pushed through.

100′ Shuttle Run (25′ increments)
10 DB Snatches @ 65# (5R then 5L)
100′ Shuttle Run
10 Box Jumps @ 24″
Rest 60sec
Rest 7min
Repeat Resting 90sec x3
Rest 7min
Repeat Resting 2min x3
Each round went well. I was happy with my splits, I didn’t lose much time, never ended up over 1 minute and never had to break the DB snatches, which weren’t easy. The run got slower as the rounds went on, but I was definitely giving it everything I had, my legs just got heavier and heavier as I went along. My times per round are as follows
Round 1: 56/59/59 secs

Round 2: 54/56/59 secs

Round 3: 58/55/55 secs

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