DWM Fri 9/25/15

Fri 9/25/15:
Woah, I didn’t realize how far behind I was. Sorry! Hopefully now that the new coaches have started, we’ve moved everything from the old house, and our trip to Atlanta is over my life will get back to a normal schedule and I can be more on top of this.

Choice Cyclical – 30-45min @ EN1
Mobility – 20min


A. Squat Snatch x1 + Hang Squat Snatch x1 + Overhead Squat x1 – 1 complex every 90sec for 8 sets (2 light, 2 light-mod, 2 mod, 2 mod-heavy…not above 205#)
I skipped this because my shoulder still wasn’t 100% and it still isn’t. See below for the remainder of the info on this session.
AD – 12min @ EN2
EMOM for 21min
Min-1 – 10 TTB
Min-2 – 5 Hang Squat Cleans @ 155#
Min-3 – 30sec Row @ EN2/EN3
AD – 12min @ EN2

Had to do both sessions at once today because I have to be at home from 2-6 pm to wait for our new couch to be delivered.

I did the AM session, 30 min cyclical (10 AD, 10 Row, 5 AD, 5 Row), then I did a 20 min ROMWOD.

Then I hung out for like 15 minutes and hopped on the AD for 12 min. Then the EMOM. No trouble, I actually made some progress on my hang clean, I found that I can now get into the front rack at a full squat and hold the hook grip, kind of exciting news considering I’ve never been able to do that unless the weight was super lift because my elbows are usually super low and my wrists get crushed. I guess all the mobility is paying off in that position too. Did everything UB and have the HR data below. Then I did the last 12 min on the AD. The video is below too, the battery died during the EMOM, so it’s got some footage, but not all of it.
92515 HR

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