DWM Fri 9/4/15

DWM Fri 9/4/15

Fri 9/4/15:

AD – 3min @ 150W
AD – 2min @ 250W
AD – 1min @ 350W
Easy, felt good.
60sec AD @ 350-375W
60sec Rest
x3 Rounds
Rest 3min
x3 sets
No trouble, just cruised along, got the HR up. HR Data below.
9415 HR
AD – 10-15min Flush @ EN0 (100-120 BPM)
CS Rec / Plyo
Nothing to report here. Did the flush, did the ROMWOD instead of IPSC and then did the CS.

A. STOH – 5 every 30sec @ 135# for 10 sets; rest 5min
Felt good, but not great. Just need to work on moving the feet to a consistent spot and being faster with my elbows. Nothing that can’t be fixed quickly. Video below.

B. CTB – 5 every 30sec for 10 sets; rest 5min
No trouble, they were super easy. Video below.

C. Wallball – 10 every 30sec for 10 sets; rest 5min
These were actually easier than I expected. Shoulder started burning a little toward the end, but I was never in danger of not going UB or even thinking about stopping. This made me feel a little better about my WBs because I don’t consider myself that great at them. 100 reps in 5 min isn’t that impressive, but it was nice to handle easily. Video below.

D. Tuck-ups – accumulate 75 reps NOT for time
Easy shit, just got it done.
Mobility – 20min
Ankles, hips, shoulders, chest. Nothing to report as extra tight, just the usual maintenance work.