DWM Mon 11/10/14

DWM Mon 11/10/14

Mon 11/10/14:
Slept 7 hours on Sunday night. Got a lot of sleep on the weekend though.

I 9
C 9
E 9

A. Front Squat @3030 Tempo w/ miniband above knees – 5 x 5 @ 55%; rest 90sec
These weren’t to bad. Did them at 175 lbs again. I actually thought the ones from last week with the large band doubled up were harder. I can feel this activating my glute & hips though, which is good. Video below:

For time:
60 Thrusters @ 115#
30 Muslce-ups
*get split time for both elements + total time
This was HARD! The thrusters went really well and I was happy with them. My time on the thrusters was 4:28. I did them as follows: 15-10-10-10-8-7. Once they were over, you can probably hear me say “oh shit, how am I going to do this?” about the muscle-ups. My triceps were completely smoked. I just went for doubles the whole way and did a handful of singles at the end to finish it off. My total time was 16:31. Video below:

Every 1:45 for 10 sets
200m Row
7 Burpees over the Erg
*hold fastest time possible across
I’m not sure if the thrusters & MUs had an effect here, but this was REALLY HARD too. After the first round I was wondering how the hell I was going to do all 10 rounds. I ended up going to a step over the Erg instead of a jump in the second round and stuck with it the rest of the 10 rounds. This one hurt really bad. My fastest round (round 1) was 55 seconds. Most rounds though were about 1:05 to 1:10. Video below: