DWM Mon 1/11/16

A. DL/HSPU – 10min of practice/grease the groove work (255# / Strict)
Got the work in, felt good, no trouble with any movement
B. Power Snatch – build to 215-225# by feel; rest as needed (no misses)
This went well, I went 135-185-205-215-225 with no misses.
1 Snatch @ 205#
600m Row @ 1:47-1:50 pace
2 Snatches @ 205#
100 Double-Unders
3 Snatches @ 205#
15 Ring Muscle-ups
I did this workout with Justin, we had a lot of fun. I hit the first snatch as a power easily, then rowed a 1:47 the whole row. I hit the next 2 snatches as squat snatches without trouble, but needed a little rest between them. I had some trouble with the DUs, but not for any particular reason. I’ll work on them later today and tomorrow just to get the feeling. I was doing something weird with my left hand after like 60 reps and I kept hitting my left foot. it took me like 5 sets to get from 60-100, which is not like me and it wasn’t because I was tired, so that was kind of frustrating, but I just kept going. I then missed the first rep of the final 3, but came back and made the other 3. Then I went 10-5 on the MUs to actually pass Justin right at the end, he took the lead on the DUs while I was fumbling around. I think we went 8-4-3 on the MUs. My time was 6:28. Video below.

Self-directed Trunk/Core Isometrics (keep volume low)
Cyclical Flush – as needed (include light running)

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