DWM Mon 11/23/15

DWM Mon 11/23/15

Mon 11/23/15:

Swim – 45-60min
Finish w/ 10 x 50’s rest 20sec, hold fastest sustainable pace across
Didn’t feel that great in the pool this morning. My left shoulder has been bugging me on and off for awhile now, I think it’s that Lat connection still, it comes and goes, but all the swimming may be making it mad. I feel it when I extend my left hand over my head and reach and glide while I take a breath on the other side. I don’t even want to try to breath on my left because of it. I just gotta work on it more, I’ll be more diligent about smashing it and CS. It seemed to be getting better when I was doing those things, but then when I stopped bothering me I stopped my routine and I think it may be coming back.

My time here was 10:42. Minus the rest that’s an average of 46.2 per 50m.

A. Deadlift – build to tough single; rest as needed (if you feel good, go for it)
135-205-295-345-385-405-425-445(miss) I felt good and 425 went up reasonably easy, I guess the swim took enough out of my legs to not let me go super heavy because 445 just wouldn’t budge. Videos below.

445 (miss)

B. Power Clean Speed Ladder – 5 @ 225 / 3 @ 255 / 1 @ 275; rest 3-5min x3
These were freaking hard, but good for me for confidence, especially because 275 hasn’t ever been an easy power clean for me in the past, so making me do it after 8 other reps is good. My times are approximates because I forgot to put them in my phone before I erased them off the board and haven’t watched the video yet for confirmation. They are correct within a few seconds though. Times were 2:05/1:51/1:40. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

C. GHD Sit-ups – 50 for time
No trouble here, felt good. Time was 1:31. Video below.

D1. BB Glute Bridge – 4 x 6; rest as needed (heavy, strict)
D2. DB 2arm Lateral Box Step-up – 4 x 8 ea leg; rest as needed (heavy, strict)
D3. GHD Sorensen Hold – 4 x 40sec w/ hands extended OH in lumbar/thoracic extension; rest 90sec
Completed. Glute bridge at 255 lbs, step up at 55 lbs per hand & 20″, sorenson hold, no trouble.
ROMwod – 20min