DWM Mon 11/30/15

Mon 11/30/15:

Swim – 45-60min
Finish w/ 10 x 50’s rest 20sec, hold fastest sustainable pace across
My stroke felt good today, but I think because of this I went out to fast. I did the first 50 in 37 seconds, close to my fastest 50 ever and I was actually trying to slow myself a little. When I got to rounds 5-7 I hit a wall and had to slow my pace significantly to not drown (haha) then I picked it up at the end. This was a slower overall pace than last week, which is disappointing, but I still think my stroke is improving so I guess I can’t complain to much. I was going 4 strokes a breath at the beginning, but it’s not sustainable yet. My total swim time was 7:58 or 45.8 per 50m.
Upper-body mobility (include banded OH distraction w/ external rotation + LAX ball smash lat/teres)

A. Snatch Speed Ladder (any-way) – 3 x 185 / 2 x 210 / 1 x 225; rest 3-5min x3
**one barbell (mimic this same session from 3 weeks ago)
Crushed these, felt great and never missed. Best snatch session I’ve had in weeks, I worked from 95 to 225 with no misses and they all felt reasonably easy to warm up. Then I hit these 3 rounds. Times were 1:23, 1:19 & 1:18. Videos below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

B. HB Back Squat – 6,6,4,4; rest 3min (6’s moderate, 4’s build to heavy)
Did these at 235, 275, 305, 325. No trouble here.
3 Rounds for time
20 OH Walking Lunges @ 135#
20 TTB
20 BBJ @ 20″”
Woah woah woah this was tough, but awesome. Accidentally used a 24″ box. Did the first 2 rounds of OH Lunges unbroken, last set 12-8. First round of TTB unbroken, 10-10 for the other 2 sets. All BBJs unbroken with no rest. Time was 12:59. Video below.

Stir The Pots – 3 x 12 ea direction; rest as needed
ROMwod – 20min