DWM Mon 12/15/17

DWM Mon 12/15/17

Mon 12/15/17:
Felt really good after the weekend, got some solid rest and good food.

I 10
C 10
E 10

Great session. Killed it on the second piece.

A. KB 1arm 8″ Deficit Deadlift @4021 tempo – 3 x 8-10 ea arm; rest 45sec b/t arms (set-up w/ KB b/t legs, build)
These were more difficult than I expected, but went pretty good. I did 1 set with each arm at 53 lbs & the next 2 sets at 60 lbs. Lower back was pretty fatigued by the end. Video below:

EMOM for 16min
Odd – 3 Clean & Jerk @ 205#
Even – 4 Muscle-ups
I crushed this one. I felt extremely good with the C&J’s and the muscle-ups felt as good as ever. No misses and no struggles here. Video below:

I 8
C 8
E 8

Not as good here. A little distracted by the class going on and had some trouble pushing myself through the fatigue.
For time:
60cals Row
40 Burpee Box Jumps @ 24″
20 Alt KB Snatches @ 2pood
Tried to find a steady pace to just find a way to get through this one. Time was 8:10. Video below: