DWM Mon 12/21/15

DWM Mon 12/21/15

Swim technical warm-up – 15-20min (get lats/legs/lungs completely prepped)
Stroke felt good today.
6 Rounds for time:
50yds Swim
15 Burpees
*top times from camp: 8:40 (Kyle), 9:16 (John Z), 9:21 (Travis)
Did this in a 50yd pool, which I think helped shave some time because I didn’t have to turn. Steady pace throughout without ever having trouble with my stroke or breathing. The burpees became a rest and a chance to get extra air, never slowed down. Time was 9:09.
Upper-body mobility (include banded OH distraction w/ external rotation + LAX ball smash lat/teres)

A. Squat Clean Speed Ladder – 5 @ 225 / 3 @ 245 / 1 @ 265#; rest 5min x2 Rounds
These were good, I went UB on 225 during round 1, but this blew my legs up and I had to go too slow on 245 & 265. My time was 1:05. Video below.

Went singles the whole way on round 2 and actually went faster. It saved the legs a little so I could push the pace. Time here was 57 seconds. Video below.

B. Push Press – build to tough 5 for the day; rest as needed
This went pretty well, just missed the 5th rep at 225 lbs. I hit 5 at 205 & 4 @ 225. Videos below.


For time:
50cals Row
50 KB Swings @ 2p
50 Burpee Box Jumps
Kept a steady pace around 1,400 on the rower, then hit the KB swings 25-10-8-7, probably should’ve taken a slightly smaller chunk at the beginning so I could’ve gone 3 sets instead of 4 due to a little less fatigue, then just plugged along on the BBJs. Total time was 9:27. Video below.

Stir The Pots – 4 x 12 ea direction; rest as needed
ROMwod – 20min