DWM Mon 12/28/15

Mon 12/28/15:

Group Class WOD ???
**if not – 4 x 800m Run @ 1mi pace; rest 2min
I was on the plane in the AM, so I missed this session.

A. Power Snatch – quickly build to tough single; rest as needed
Worked up to 215 quickly, very little warm up and just went 95/135/155/175/195/205/215. Missed 225 twice, but it was purely because of being in a hurry and not really working on the mechanics as I worked up.
Squat Snatch @ 135#
I was really feeling the travel during this, it was HARD. The rounds went as follows:
5/5 snatch
10 MUs
8 singles snatch
5/3 MUs
6 singles snatch
4/2 MUs
4 singles snatch
4 MUs
2 singles snatch
1/1 MUs because my hand ripped on the swing from rep 1 to rep 2.
Total time was 7:39. Didn’t feel impressive.
Row – 3 x 250m @ 1k pace; rest 40sec
Rest 3min
x2 Rounds
Completed without much trouble. Felt better here than I expected. Went sub 1:36 on all rounds without much pain.

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