DWM Mon 1/25/16

Wasn’t feeling so hot this morning, the cyclical stuff was good for me, got a solid sweat in. Should be 100% by tomorrow, just need my stomach to recover today and get some solid sleep tonight.

60min EN1 Session (maintain HR between 120-140 BPM, not above)
**mix & match Run/Row/AD

A. Power Clean & Jerk – build to moderate single for the day; rest as needed (not above 85%)
Worked up to 250 without any misses, no real trouble here.
B. Clean Grip Deadlift – 3,2,1; rest 3min (build to moderate single for the day)
Hit these 315-365-405, no trouble.
20min EMOM
Min-1 – 10 Power Snatch @ 75#
Min-2 – 10 CTB
Min-3 – 10 Thrusters @ 95# (use only one bar, change weights, work quickly)
Min-4 – 10 K.HSPU
Completed. No trouble, felt pretty good. Surprisingly I felt much better than earlier today.
ROMwod – 20min

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