DWM Mon 1/26/15

DWM Mon 1/26/15

Mon 1/26/15:
Got some good rest this weekend, slept 7 hours last night and felt good in the morning.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Great session with a big PR.

A. Squat Clean – in 6 sets, build to moderate single
Technique was feeling good today. Almost felt like a waste just to go for a moderate single, but I followed the instructions. Lifts were 225-235-245-255×2-265. Videos are below:



255 rep 1

255 rep 2


B. Muscle-up – 30 reps for time
Great result here. 1:21 PR and 1:46 than my most recent attempt. Did the first 20 reps in 1:53 with big rests on purpose. I think I’m close to getting that 3 minute mark if we keep up the muscle-up work. Video is below.

For time, building intensity from 80-100%
60cals Row
200 Double-unders
60cals Row
This one was good, I tried to hold myself back on the first row, then get big chunks on the DUs and then gave it all I had on the second row. My time ended up being 8:31. Video below.