DWM Mon 12/8/14

DWM Mon 12/8/14

Mon 12/8/14:
Slept only 5.5 hours last night and boy was I tired this morning. I coached from 6-10 and then came home and slept for 2.5 more hours, so I ended up getting my 8 and felt a lot better after. My body felt ok in the morning, just tired. Because of this schedule I ended up hitting the AM session at like 4:15 pm and the PM session at 6 pm so I got about 1 hour rest. I know you don’t want them this close together typically, but I thought it was way more important that I get that sleep than try to get the AM session in dead tired.

I 10
C 10
E 10

Considering the way the day started and that I only rested about 1 hour between efforts, I was happy with these sessions. Although I was kind of pissed when they officially announced the super-regional only, it has kind of lit a fire in me to do everything I can to get in that damn top-20.

For time:
60 Thrusters @ 115#
30 Muscle-ups
*get split time for both elements + total time
** compare to Nov-10
This was awesome, I absolutely crushed my time on Nov-10. Previous times were 4:28 & 16:31. This time I went 3:53 (35 sec PR) and 11:30 (5:01 PR). I could’ve gone faster on the thrusters, but I knew the real time was going to be made up on the MUs, so I left a little in the tank. I hit the thrusters 20-10-10-7-7-6. Then I hit all the MUs in 3s, except the final rep I barely missed the transition and went 2-1 for the last 3 reps. This was really the only low point for me on this WOD. Video is below:

2 Rounds @ 90-95% effort
15 UB KB Swings @ 2pood
30cals Row
45 Double-unders
Rest-walk 90sec
This one hurt pretty bad, but was good. I was happy with the DUs, I only broke up 1 set and I went 28-17 and it was the round 2 of the 2nd round. My times were 5:46-6:58-6:54. Not really happy about the drop-off from round 1 to 2, but I’m glad I was able to not go even slower on round 3. Video below: