DWM Mon 1/4/16

DWM Mon 1/4/16

Swim technical warm-up – 15-20min (get lats/legs/lungs completely prepped)
3 Rounds for time
100m Swim
15 Burpees
Swimming was good today, I was happy to never have trouble during the 100m distances. I had to go slower than I wanted on the burpees because of my toe, but it’s getting better and should be healed in 2-3 days. Time was 6:37.
Upper-body mobility (include banded OH distraction w/ external rotation + LAX ball smash lat/teres)

Comp Style Warm-up – 20min
A. Snatch Speed Ladder – 3-2-1 @ 185-205-215#; rest as needed x2
1:55 (missed 215 twice because of the catch, was just being lazy) went unbroken on 185, did singles on 205 and a single on 215. Video below.

Round 2 – 0:43
Unbroken powers on 185, single powers on 205, single on 215

Rest exaclty 10min after final ladder (stay loose)
100ft HS walk (50ft sections)
50 Pistols (alt)
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 OHS @ 135#
6:45 without pistols, completely forgot. Felt good everywhere else. HS walk was UB, which was awesome. GHD was UB without ever really slowing down. OHS was 20/10/10/10 because of legs, not shoulders or abs, which is encouraging. Video below.

Right into 10min on AD @ 250W (just below 30min TT pace)
Stir The Pots – 4 x 12 ea direction; rest as needed
ROMwod – 20min