DWM Mon 2/16/15

Mon 2/16/15:
Woke up feeling good, got a ton of sleep on Saturday & Sunday with 8 hours each night and a 2 hour nap each day.

A. Front Squat – 5 perfect reps on the min @185-205# on the min for 8min
This went well. I did 3 sets at 185, then the other 5 at 205. No issues. Video below.

B. Squat Clean – 1 rep on the min starting @ 205# adding 10# every min until failure
This was good, but I could definitely feel the front squats from before while doing this. I made it through 275, but failed on 285. I got crushed in the hole and there was no way I was standing it up. Video below.

60 Double-unders
20 UB Thrusters @ 105#
Active rest to 5-6min
x3-4 sets
These were really good, I was actually a little surprised at how easy the C2B were after the DUs & Thrusters. Thrusters were the hardest part, but I stayed unbroken all 4 rounds. I only missed a DU once and that’s cuz the rope barely caught my heel at rep 46. My times were 1:38, 1:44, 2:02 & 2:03. The slow in times was mainly me doing the thrusters a little slower to make sure I never put the bar down and getting a little extra rest before the C2B so I didn’t have to come down. Videos are below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

For time:
1000m Row
30 TTB
Rest 4min
x3 sets @ 80-90-100% effort
These were interesting, I got faster from 80-90, but I was a little slower from 90-100. Grip & general fatigue were the problem. I did 5s on the TTB for round 1, 6s for the TTB for round 2 & 10-10-5-3-2 for the final round. I rowed faster each round, but from 90-100 I only went maybe 2 seconds faster, I was kinda worn out on that row. Videos are below:
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Row/Jog – 20min @ easy recovery pace
This is where the badness happened. I went out for a jog, super slow, just chugging along and I was crossing a street and about to go back up on the sidewalk in one of those little round handicap ramp things and my toe caught the edge and I fell and caught myself with both wrists straight down. You know the rest of this story up to this point.

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