DWM Mon 2/2/15

DWM Mon 2/2/15

Mon 2/2/15:
Got some good sleep last night. Feeling better, probably about 80% recovered from the cold now. Quads are still smoked from 14.2.

A. Power Snatch – 3 x; rest 10-15sec + 2min (build to tough but perfect complex)
Snatches were good, I actually felt like I had some really solid movement during this session, the bar was coming off my hips really clean and I had some insanely good lift when I got my shoulders & elbows pulling at the right time. You can hear a really good pop on the bar during a few of the 195s, especially the last rep, which was super smooth. The 205s were just ok, I lost my concentration on the one I missed, but I made all the others ok. Bar was getting out in front of me a little, I think I was trying to give it too much hip and not be smooth enough. Videos below.


10 Strict Pull-ups
10 CTB Pull-ups AFAP
15 Push-ups AFAP
5 UB Muscle-ups
*rest 30sec b/t movements + 5min b/t rounds
x3-4 rounds by feel
Decided to go with 3 rounds because I didn’t want to rip my hand. It held up, but felt like it might go. I crushed the strict HSPUs for the first 2 round and then I got a little screwed up with my balance on the third one. Scores were 26-22-14. Video below.
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Hollow-rock – 30sec
Rest 30sec
Arch-rock – 30sec
Rest 30sec
x4-5 by feel
Nothing crazy here. My hamstrings still continue to cramp during the arch-rocks, but I do them as long as possible, then short rest, then finish the 30 seconds. I usually make it to about 15-20 seconds before I have to stop because of cramping. It literally happens in both hamstrings every single time I do arch-rocks. No video, this would be super boring to watch.

Row – 3k @ easy recovery pace
Mobility as needed
Worked on my glutes, quads, hamstrings, shoulders & lats during the mobility. Spent about 45 minutes, then another 30 minutes or so later that night on shoulders & lats.