DWM Mon 3/9/15

DWM Mon 3/9/15

Mon 3/9/15:
Got some good rest this weekend. Quads are pretty beat up from all the OHS, but the rest of me feels pretty good. I rowed 5k on Saturday and did some mobility, I felt much better after than I did before.

I 9
C 9
E 10
Good little session today. The final piece was tough, but I was very happy with the way I cleaned up the PC + J, the way the deadlifts went and that I was able to do all the STOH & HSPUs.

A. Power Clean x1 + Jerk x2 – 1 complex on the min for 8min @ 185-205#
These didn’t start so smooth, but I was able to clean up the movement and they ended pretty well. I did 4 at 185 & 4 at 205. Video below.

B. TnG Deadlift – 3,3,3; rest 3min (heavy)
This was pretty simple and felt good. I hit these at 365, 385 & 405. The second rep at 405 got away from me a little bit, but I was able to wrangle it in. Videos below.



EMOM for 10-12min
Odd – 5 STOH @ 155#
Even – 5 HSPU
No trouble here and very happy that I could do both of these without any major pain. My shoulders were not really used to this work since the injury, but they adjusted quickly. Video below.

30sec Row
30sec DU
30sec Rest
30sec Row
30sec KBs @ 2p
30sec Rest
x5 @ 85-90% effort
This was much tougher than I expected. Heart rate was through the roof after the KB each round. I held a very steady pace on the rower, never missed any DUs and tried to get at least 10 on the KB. Video is below.