DWM Mon 6/16/14

Mon 6/16/14:
Slept well last night (7 hours) and felt good this morning. No real progress on the wrist even after the chiropractor visit. It’s looking like it’s just going to take time.

A. 3″ Deficit TnG Deadlift – 6 x 3; rest 2min (heavy; use straps)
These went well, I just need to remember to really activate my lats before I go down for the next TnG rep. I felt pretty good at both weights, but I’m so focused on my low back that I don’t really want to push the weight too much just to push it, I’d rather try and strengthen that lower back to help with the top end deadlifts. Videos below:
Set 1(365):

Set 2(365):

Set 3(385):

Set 4(385):

Set 5(385):

Set 6(385):

B. UNWEIGHTED GH Raise – 3 x 4-6; rest 2min (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ne_pPfxb-_8)
These were surprisingly hard, but I liked them. Big time work on the hamstrings, I felt like I was having trouble walking upright after. Videos below:
Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

For Time – 30 reps each of:
KBS @ 53
Ring Dip
KBS @ 53
KBS @ 53
Ring Dip
KBS @ 53
This was just as hard as I thought it’d be, actually a little bit harder. The biggest problem/limiting factor was the grip. 2nd limiting factor was the breathing. Only time I really hit any muscle failure was in the dips, but I still moved through them pretty well. Time was 16:17. Video below:

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