DWM Mon 6/30/14

DWM Mon 6/30/14

Mon 6/30/14:
I was a little tired this morning. It was my birthday yesterday, so it was a long weekend of celebrations and yesterday included a SF Giants game and a family dinner in SF. I got 9 hours of sleep, which helped, but the food wasn’t very helpful for today.

A. Squat Snatch EMOM gauntlet – 1 rep on the min starting at 135#, add 10# on the min until failure; rest 5min x2
This was awesome! I really wanted that 225 after 9 snatches at escalating weights, but I’ll take the 215 considering my PR is 225. I’d like to try this again in the near future after some more work with Fu to see how far I can get.
Round 1 (missed at 225):

Round 2 (missed at 225):

B. HB Back Squat – 3,3,3,3,2,2,2; rest 3min (heavy across)
My legs were definitely fatigued from the squat snatches, so these were a little lighter than last week. I think I got some good work in though. Videos below:
315 (set 1):

315 (set 2):

315 (set 3):

315 (set 4):

335 (2 reps): No Video


C1. Wtd Strict CTB Pull-up – 3,3,3,2,2; rest 90sec
C2. Wtd Ring DIp – 3,3,3,2,2 rest 90sec
These was pretty fun. I was surprised I was able to get to 45 lbs on the strict C2B. That was pretty encouraging. Weights & video below:
Strict C2B Pull-up: 25-30-35-40-45
Strict Ring Dip: 70-75-77.5-80-85