DWM Mon 6/8/15

Mon 6/8/15:
Had what felt like a cold that started on this day, I didn’t feel too bad in the morning, but I was not feeling very good in the PM session.

I 10
C 10
E 10
Great session here, was feeling fine in the morning. Very focused and pushed hard on all the 60sec intervals.

AD – 3min @ EN1 (120-140 / 60-75% effort)
AD – 60sec @ EN3 (160-170 / 85-90% effort)
x10 Rounds (40min total)
This went great. It hurt, but I was happy with my performance. Heart Rate photo below.
6815 HR
Ido Portal Squat Clinic Protocol
CS Recovery / Plyometric

I 9
C 7
E 9
Wasn’t feeling 100%, starting to get congested, a little light headed and just off. It was hot as hell and there were a ton of people at the gym too. This went well considering the circumstances, but not my best ever.

A. HB Back Squat – 6,4,2,6,4,2; rest 2-3min (build to 85% of first wave, 90% on second)
These were pretty damn good, never struggled. I went 255-285-315-265-295-325






B. Banded Clean Grip Deadlift – 5 x 3; rest 3min (mod-heavy across)
These were really good as well, we’ve done these before and I really like them. I like creating speed on the bar at the heavier weights. I went 275-315-335-335-335





C1. Rings Push-ups – 4 x 15 for time; rest 30sec
These were good and pretty easy, I never really had any trouble here. Times were: 14-13-13-13
C2. Inverted Bar Row – 4 x 20 for time; rest 90sec
These were much more difficult than expected. The first two rounds were fast, but my biceps and back started to really fatigue after that. My times were: 20-29-47-50
Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

D. Lying V-up – 60 reps for time (maintain strict form / bodyline here)
I was still feeling the GHD situps from a few days before when I did these. They looked pretty good at the beginning, but definitely weren’t quite as good form/bodyline toward the end. My time was 5:02. My whole stomach was cramping pretty bad and I was having to do smaller and smaller sets as I got higher and higher in the reps. Video below.

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