DWM Mon 8/10/15

Mon 8/10/15:
I felt fatigued from the weekend, but not wrecked. It was good to move.

12 Min EMOM
Min 1 – 5 Shoulder Press @ 70%
Min 2 – 5 Front Squats @ 70%
Min 3 – 5 RDLs (tough)
To be honest, it looks like I didn’t write anything down for this day. I guess this is why I need to do my blogs closer to when I do the work. From what I remember I never missed any, but they weren’t easy after the weekend at the athlete camp. I do have video though. I used 135 for shoulder press, 205 for front squat (70% of 1RM is 235, not sure what the hell I was thinking here) and I used 315 for the first round of RDLs, but 275 there after based on how difficult the first round was. Video is below.

5 Min Choice Cyclical
20 tuck-ups
No trouble here and didn’t take video because this was super boring. Just cruised along. I kind of like tuck-ups. Definitely better than V-ups.

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