DWM Mon 8/24/15

DWM Mon 8/24/15

Mon 8/24/15:
Got some solid sleep last night and took a 1 hour nap during the day. My body felt like it needed the sleep, so I wanted to make sure I gave it the rest it was asking for.

Row – 10min general prep
Legs are still pretty sore and tight from Friday & Saturday. Glutes & hamstrings most notably. Those damn lunges get me every time. Felt better by the end of these 10 min though.
Row – 4 x 15sec @ 100% effort; rest 60sec
Rest – 2min
x3 Rounds
Kind of enjoyed this, mainly because I’m on this thing so often now I’m constantly working on my stroke and trying to find more power. I was able to get down to 1:19 a couple pulls and stay consistent at 1:20-1:21 through the 15 seconds each round. HR photo below.
82415 Sprint Intervals
Row – 12min @ EN2 (140-160 BPM)
Rest – 30sec
Row – 10min @ EN3 (160-170 BPM)
Rest 30sec
x2 Rounds
This was alright, my right hip started acting up (felt like it wanted to cramp, but it wouldn’t do it all the way) in the second 10 min @ EN3 and that wasn’t very fun, but I was able to push through and keep the HR and pace. There is a bit of a lull during that same section because the cable guy was at my house working on our internet and I needed to sign something for him, so I paused the clock and signed it and then hopped back on the Erg. HR photo below.
82415 Long Intervals

EMOM for 18min
Min-1 – 1 Split Jerk @ 90% – 285
Min-2 – 1 HBBS @ 85% – 325
Min-3 – 1 Sumo DL (tough) – 365
These were really god, I felt super strong on the split jerk, never any trouble getting it up, the back squat felt good and the sumo deadlift was good also. Video is below.

14min EMOM
Odd – 5 Muscle-ups
Even – 10 GHD Sit-ups
No trouble here, just gotta make sure I get to the gym earlier on days I have MUs because our 5:30 pm class is usually big and having the rings in the middle of the room kind of screws with that class. Video is below.

Mobility – 20min
Worked on hips, psoas, ankles, overhead position for shoulders and lats.