DWM Mon 8/31/15

DWM Mon 8/31/15

Mon 8/31/15:
Got a ton of rest this weekend, I think I slept 10 hours on Saturday night. Felt really good this morning.

Choice Cyclcial – 20min @ EN1
Hit up the AD for 20 minutes.
AD – 60sec @ 300W
Rest – 20sec
Just realized this said x3 at the bottom, not x2. I only did 2, sorry. No trouble here, I wouldn’t have minded doing 3, I just wrote it down on the whiteboard incorrectly.
Choice Cyclical – 20min @ EN1
Ran for 15 minutes and then hit the AD for 5 minutes at the end.
HR Data for all of the above:
83115 HR
Mobility – 30min
I did today’s ROMWOD. I’ve been signed up for a couple months now, but haven’t made much use of it. I told myself that September would be different, so I’m going to try to start using it whenever you tell me to do Mobility so I don’t neglect any parts. We’ll see how it goes.

EMOM for 12min
Min-1 – 5 Shoulder Press @ 65% – 125 lbs
Min-2 – 5 Front Squats @ 65% – 215 lbs
Min-3 – 5 Clean Grip DL @ 65% – 295 lbs
These were pretty easy, no trouble. Got a new training partner named Charlie, he just moved here and lives with a buddy of mine. He’s spent some solid time coaching and training in New York and Boston and he is a good guy and it willing to suffer and do all the programming instead of just cherry pick. Makes it more fun to train when you’ve got someone there with you. He’s the other dude in the videos. Video below.

A. TTB – 5 x 12 UB; rest to complete recovery (non-fatiguing)
I had the GoPro on camera instead of video for the first set so I missed it, but it was a super fast set. I just played around with a few different techniques here since they weren’t really for time, just to get some work in. The other 4 videos are below.
Set 2

Set 3

Set 4

Set 5

Mobility – 20min
Ankles, hips, psoas