DWM Mon 8/3/15

DWM Mon 8/3/15

Mon 8/3/15:

Choice Cyclical – 90min @EN2
*mix & match modalities as you choose
20 Min Run, 20 min AD, 20 Min Row, 10 Min Run, 10 Min AD, 10 Min Row
Mobility – 20min

A. CG Bench Press – 5,3,1; rest 3:00 (build to tough single)
This was fun. Would’ve liked to get some more reps in to get a more accurate 1RM, but I’ll take what I got. I went 205-245-275 with the 275 like a 95% rep, Anthony barely touched the bar, but I can’t give myself 100% credit. Videos below.



B. Overhead Squat – 5,3,1; rest 3:00 (build to tough single)
This was awesome, I haven’t Overhead squatted heavy in what feels like years. Same thing as above, I would’ve like a few more shots at a single in between 275 & 315 to gradually work up, but I’ll take what I did. I went 245-275-315(miss). I barely missed the 315, but after this attempt I tried twice more, but couldn’t lock out the behind the neck jerk. Videos below.


315 (miss)

C. 3″ Deficit Clean Grip DL – 5,3,1 rest 3:00(heavy across)
This went great, much better than the other two. I wasn’t sure where I’d end up since I couldn’t make 425 for a single off the floor a few days prior, but I just did it by feel. I went 315-365-405 and never struggled. I still think I can get close or over 500 with fresh legs. Videos below.



4 Rounds for time
5 Wall walks w/ pefect body-line
10 TTB
This was much harder on the core than I expected. I was completely smoked the next day through the core and obliques. Did all TTB unbroken. Ti9me was 5:27. Video below.