DWM Mon 8/4/14

Mon 8/4/14:
Slept 7 hours last night and got a 1 hour nap today. Felt good this morning, but during my warm up I noticed that my legs were very heavy and fatiguing quickly. Probably some leftover from Saturday and a lazy Sunday. I got 10 hours of sleep on Saturday night, it was amazing.

I 9
C 8
E 9

The ICE was good today. I got pretty intense when I missed a handful of reps during the 8 Min AMRAP, probably too intense, but it made my focus even more and make the lifts. Next time we do that test I’m going to slow down and will probably get more reps in the long run than trying to go quickly and missing a handful.

A. CG Bench Press – build to 1RM; rest as needed
This went incredibly well. I had no idea I could bench this much. I don’t remember the last time I did any serious bench pressing and maybe 7 years ago when I used to bench 2 or 3 times a week I would struggle to get 225 for a couple reps. This was impressive by my standards I was very happy with the result. I made all the way up to 270 lbs and failed 275. Videos below:







B. Power Clean – build to 1RM; rest as needed
This was good. I tried to work on smoothing out my second pull and meeting the bar earlier, which is what Fu had me change. It worked well for the lighter weights. I kind of reverted back to the more late explosive hips for 265, which put me more forward than at the other weights and then I just didn’t release my hands early enough to catch 275 either attempt. With heavy legs and a slightly changed movement after my lesson last week I was happy with this result for today. Videos below:



275(miss 1):

275(miss 2):

C. Power Clean – 8min AMRAP @ 90% of “B” – 240 lbs
Now, this one got ugly. The 240 lbs didn’t feel difficult, so I tried to push the pace, but my back fatigued quickly and I think that really caused some problems. I missed a total of 6 reps and completed 15. I think I tried to push to hard at the beginning because it was going smoothly and it cost me in the long run. Next time we do this I’m going to try for only 3 reps a minute and see if I can get to 24 instead of doing 5 or 6 the first minute and then just doing less and less as we go. Video below:

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