DWM Mon 9/14/15

DWM Mon 9/14/15

Mon 9/14/15:

5min AMRAP @ 95% effort
BBJ @ 24″
Rest 5min
5min AD @ 95% effort
Rest 5min
5min Row @ 95% effort
BBJs – 64
Super hard after like 90 seconds in. Just tried to never stop and keep a good clip. I had no idea how long I’d last here, so I didn’t really have a goal. With you asking for 95% effort, I just went for it out the gate and tried to hold onto the best pace I could, I wasn’t sure if I should save a little at the beginning or not to get a higher score. Video below.

AD – super painful in the quads, and hard on the breathing. Drenched in sweat after this one. HR data for all sections below. This one in the middle spike, I was in the low 170s the whole way.
Row – 1,381 meters, 1:49.7 Avg., 101 Cals
This one hurt pretty bad too. Quads were crushed from the first 2 pieces, I was struggling to hang on below 1:50, had a couple sets of 3-5 pulls over 1:50, then had to pull harder to get back under. HR photo below.
91515 HR
Choice Cyclical – 10-15min flush

A. HS Walking / Free HS Holding Practice – 10min
Had some fun here, still felt tight and fatigued in the shoulders from last week. Did reasonable, but nothing excellent here, just average. Videos below.


B. Clean & Jerk – 3 singles @ 90%; rest as needed
No trouble here, spent awhile working up, 135-185-205-225-245-265, lots of reps at the lower weights, only 2 at 245 & 3 at 265. Felt pretty good, the squat felt slower than it looked, I guess that’s good and a reason to know to never give up on the squat once I catch it. Videos below.
Rep 1

Rep 2

Rep 3

C. Thruster – 4 x 10 for time @ 135#; rest 3min
These were moderately hard. Not sure how many more reps I could do and still do them for time and unbroken. Probably a handful. Times were steady and I tried to focus on breathing. Final set got a little forward, but I was able to fix it and still get a good time. Times & videos below.
20 sec – Set 1

20 sec – Set 2

19 sec – Set 3

19 sec – Set 4

D. Muscle-up – 4 x 10 for time; rest 3min
Difficult, but I was proud of myself here. Went UB until the final one and got 8 there. Grip was tough, but I didn’t rip, which was nice. Scores & videos below.
31 sec – Set 1

31 sec – Set 2

33 sec – Set 3

42 sec – Set 4

E. k.HSPU – 4 x 20 for time; rest 3min
Unbroken the whole way, first two were super fast, had to be more deliberate on the last 5-8 reps in the last 2 sets. Times & videos below.
30 sec – Set 1

28 sec – Set 2

33 sec – Set 3

35 sec – Set 4

Mobility – 20min