DWM Mon 9/21/15

Mon 9/21/15:
I was feeling super run down from the weekend. We moved all day Saturday and Kelly’s birthday was Sunday. Loooonnnnggg weekend of doing stuff and running around and seeing people. I was also kind of stressed out with all our stuff being in 2 houses, and trying to on-board the new coaches and all that jazz.

For time:
20cals Row
15 Hang Snatch @ 95#
20cals Row
Rest 6min
For time:
20cals Row
20 Burpees
20cals Row
Rest 6min
Row 500m for time
First piece went well, I had happy to get the 15 HPS unbroken. The second one sucked on the second 20cal row, but I was happy with my burpees, solid pace even at fatigue. Completely crushed after the 500m row to finish. Like complete body shutdown, I had to rest for like 10-15 minutes before I could even get on the AD to flush out. I thought that time was pretty good though considering I did those other 2 pieces before.
Times were 2:02-2:34 & 1:33.3
Videos below:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Choice Cyclical – 10-15min flush

A. HS Walking / Free HS Holding Practice – 10min
Had some fun here. I actually found that if I have a little looser shoulders (not as active), I do better in the hold. I also need to remember to get my head out front over my fingers for better balance.

The HS walks were just ok. I did get a walk to freestanding HSPU for the first time ever, so that was kind of cool.

B. Clean & Jerk – 3 singles @ 93%; rest as needed
These were tough. The first one was a little hard on the jerk, but I made it. The second one was a good solid rep. The third one was a little forward in the clean, I barely stood it up, then the jerk wasn’t very good and I actually strained the muscle between my last & tricep. I have been able to loosen it up pretty good since then by smashing it with a lacrosse ball and a 90 degree angle at the elbow and rotating. Videos below.
Rep 1

Rep 2

Rep 3

EMOM for 21min
Min-1 – 6 Muscle-ups
Min-2 – 3 DL + 3 HPC + 3 STOH @ 155#
Min-3 – 6 GHD Sit-ups
These were good even with the strained shoulder from the C&Js. Never missed any reps or had any trouble. Video below.

Mobility – 20min
Lots of work on the left shoulder & lat.

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