DWM Mon 9/28/15

DWM Mon 9/28/15

Mon 9/28/15:
More catch up. I’ll be there soon.

General Warm-up – 10min
DROM (hips/pecs/shoudlers) – 10min
Got a good warm up in and was feeling good for this session.
2k Row @ 2:00
15 Burpees on the min for 4 min
x2 Rounds
These was not easy, but you know I don’t actually mind burpees that much, so it wasn’t that bad. I did the 15 burpees in about 40-42 seconds the entire first round and then 44-46 seconds the second round. HR Data & Video below.
92815 HR

Choice Cyclical – 10-15min flush
Just hit up the AD for 15 minutes to clean the legs up.

A. HS Walking / Free HS Holding Practice – 10min
This is still improving. My hold is getting a lot better the last 2 weeks and I’ve been working on walking to freestanding HSPUs, which have been getting better. Still needs some significant work, but I’ll take any little improvement here. Videos below.

B. Clean & Jerk – quickly build to 90%; rest as needed
This was great. I worked up to 265 in less than 5 minutes and 5 lifts with no misses. I went 135, 185, 225, 245, 265. Getting more confidence here. Video below.

8-6-4-2 UB sets of:
Power Clean & Jerk @ 155#
This was really good too. I think I could have pushed the pace a little more, but I was worried about not going UB. My time was 4:27. Video below.

Mobility – 20min