DWM Mon 9/7/15

Mon 9/7/15:
Slept 10 hours last night and felt rested this morning. A little dehydrated, but I drank a ton of water today to try and help with that.

Choice Cyclical – 30-45min @ EN1
Went with AD 10 min, Row 10 min, Run 10 min, AD 5 min, Row 5 min, Run 5 min.
Mobility – 20min
Did the ROMWOD from today.

A. Hang Clean & Jerk – build to tough single; rest as needed
Felt good going into this, felt loose and pretty strong. Hit reps at 225-245-265(sloppy)-275-285miss-285-295miss-295miss. After watching the videos back, I think I tend to “over pull” when I hang clean and I end up disconnected from the bar and sitting in the front squat position and the bar slams down on me. I need to do a better job of getting the bar up my quad further and staying connected to it so it’s a smooth transition into the squat. The videos are below.








2012 Regional Workout #2
17min Time Cap
1k Row
50 Alt Pistols
30 Hang Power Cleans @ 225#
Great result here. Rowed a 7:14 and felt good after. Went for 50 UB pistols with no trouble at all, then immediately got after the hang cleans. Pistols took 1:48 to complete. I lost the handle on the first set of 3 so I only got 2. Then I did sets of 3 all the way to 29, then I did a single to finish. I wanted to get 4 to finish it off, but I just didn’t think I had it. Cleans took a total of 5:24. Total time was 14:44. Video below.

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