DWM Sat 10/31/15

Sat 10/31/15:

A. HB Back Squat – 6,6,4,4,2,2; rest 3min (build)
Legs felt good and I felt really strong today. The extra eating seems to be helping with my energy levels and strength. I went 225-275-315-345-365-375 with no misses. My previous 1RM was 385, so 375 for a double and not even a 2RM was a great result.






B. Banded Speed Deadlift – 5 x 3; rest 3min (increase bar)
Felt good here, no trouble, just pushed through with 315 & a green band. This is 40 lbs heavier than last week with the same band. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4
Missed the video
Set 5

Clean & Jerk @ 185#
Burpee Box Jump @ 24″
This was pretty difficult, especially the jerk after all the upper body stuff yesterday. I went with all singles, but never really stopped or rested, just kept a steady pace. Time was 7:19. Video below.

3 Rounds
30sec Hollow Rock
30sec Arch Rock
30sec Side-plank
**rest as needed b/t

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