DWM Sat 10/3/15

Sat 10/3/15:
This was the day I was at TTT with the crew. WZA Qualifiers.

Qualifier #1
AHAP of the Complex:
1 Full Snatch
1 Low Hang Snatch
1 High Hang Snatch

I completed 217. Going to try for 227 at home on Monday. Video below.

Qualifier #2
12 Min AMRAP:
12 Thrusters
35 Double Unders
Weights for Thrusters go up each round: 75/95/115/135/155/175/195/215/etc.
I got to 2 reps at 195. I will try again on Monday at home. I think the biggest change here should be to change the weights after the thrusters are completed and before the double unders. Quads were the limiting factor. Breathing was definitely difficult too though. Video below.

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