DWM Sat 11/15/14

DWM Sat 11/15/14

Sat 11/15/14:
Felt good in the morning after 9+ hours of sleep. Feeling good after yesterdays training.

I 8 (10 during final piece)
C 8 (10 during final piece)
E 8 (10 during final piece)

A. 2″” Deficit Strict HSPU – 30 reps in sets of 3 NOT for time
These went well. I was kind of expecting them to be harder than they were, but I guess when I don’t have to push the pace HSPUs are pretty easy for me. Video below.

B. Power Snatch – 2 TnG reps @ 155# on the min for 15min (30 total reps)
These were good. My hands were pretty worn out from this week (kind painful to hold the bar), but that was the hardest part of this. I was sweating pretty good at the end though. Just tried to make the reps smoother and smoother as I went along. Video below.

For time:
20 Thrusters @ 95# AFAP
300m Row
Rest 8-10min
This was horrible feeling, but AWESOME! No trouble completing the work, but man was I smoked when I finished each round. I had my best man in town from LA and he did this WOD with me. I’ve got a lot of CF experience on him, but he hates to lose and I don’t particularly enjoy losing to him, so there was no way I wasn’t going to slow down at all during this one. My two times were 1:38 & 1:44. Videos below:
Round 1:

Round 2: