DWM Sat 11/7/15

Sat 11/7/15:
No videos of this session, I accidentally deleted the files.
A. Front Squat – 3 x 10; rest 2min (mod-heavy across)
Decided to go with 225 here for all 3 sets. This was a good choice, I challenged the legs, but didn’t crush myself. Videos below.
B. Pistol Progressions – 10-15min (just grease the groove here)
Just plugged along here and worked on the pistol, no trouble.
2013 Regional Workout #5
Deadlift @ 315#
Box Jump @ 30″”
I CRUSHED this workout compared to previous attempts. I did the deadlifts 11/5/5, 5/5/5, 3/3/2/1 and did all the box jumps unbroken without any trouble. My previous time was 8:28, so I was jacked up when I finished in 5:18.
3 Rounds
30sec Hollow Rock
30sec Arch Rock
30sec Side-plank
**rest as needed b/t

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