DWM Sat 1/18/14

DWM Sat 1/18/14

Sat 1/18/14:
Felt really good this morning. The tiny bit of congestion I have left won’t go away, but it doesn’t seem to affect my breathing during the workouts, just a pain to wake up to. Body was still sore from Thursday, especially hamstrings, glutes & lower back. After round 1 they felt a lot better and I used the first rest to stretch a ton more.

3 Rounds
3 Squat Clean & Jerk @ 205#
20 KB Swings @ 62#
20 Burpees
20 Box Jumps @ 24″
1000m Row
Rest 10min b/t rounds

Round 1 – 7:03

Round 2 – 24:13 (7:10)

Round 3 – 41:25 (7:12)

Round 1 went well, the row sucked, but that’s exactly what I was expecting. The squat cleans & jerks went really well and I was happy with them. Not much else to report, I did everything unbroken and wasn’t really challenged except trying to keep the row intervals down. I kept it under 1:55 the entire time, but I know that needs improvement.