DWM Sat 12/12/15

A1. Deck Squat (feet together) – 3 x 6-8; rest 30sec
A2. Deck Squat (single leg) – 3 x 4-6 ea leg; rest 30esec
A3. Band Assisted Pistol – 3 x 4-6 ea leg; rest 30sec
A4. Pistol – 3 x 10 alt reps; rest 2min
These were all pretty easy and a good warm up and practice.
3 Rounds for time:
5 Bar Muscle-ups
10 Power Cleans @ 185#
15 Lateral Burpees over the bar
This was a lot harder than I expected, round 1 went quick, but then the cleans and burpees got extremely hard in the other 2 rounds. I went UB on all the bar muscle ups. Time was 7:31. Could probably speed up a little by slowing down on round 1. Video below.

3 Rounds
45sec Hollow Rock
45sec Arch Rock
45sec Side-plank
**rest as needed b/t

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