DWM Sat 12/19/15

A. Deadlift – 3,3,3; rest 3min (build to mod-heavy triple)
First sets in the new work in progress garage gym. 315/365/385. Could’ve gone heavier, but wanted to stay in good control so I didn’t drop the thing and wake the neighbors at 7 am on a Saturday. It was nice to get some DLs in in my garage to start the day.
B. KB/DB Snatch – 15min tech/mechanics work (work ALL variations of this: power / squat / split / hang)
I used 55 & 65 lb DBs. I did alternating arm sets of 10. The powers were all relatively easy. The squats were extremely hard, I’ve never done these. They got easier as I practiced, but I missed the first handful of reps because I couldn’t stabilize it overhead and then I ran into some trouble catching it in a full squat. I worked it all out I think and cleaned it up. The splits weren’t hard, hardest part was remembering to split both ways because I know sometimes you’re forced to use opposite legs. The hang were interesting. Here’s a question: what constitutes a hang? Below the hip, but above the ground? Those would be really hard if you couldn’t go below the knee. Tried a few like that and could barely get them above my head.
Pistol Progresisons
A1. Deck Squat (feet together) – 3 x 6-8; rest 30sec
A2. Deck Squat (single leg) – 3 x 4-6 ea leg; rest 30esec
A3. Band Assisted Pistol – 3 x 4-6 ea leg; rest 30sec
A4. Pistol – 3 x 10 alt reps; rest 2min
These all went well, ankles felt a little tight this morning. I skipped the band assisted pistols because I didn’t have the equipment for them in the garage.
3 Rounds
45sec Hollow Rock
45sec Arch Rock
45sec Side-plank
**rest as needed b/t
I did hollow holds, superman holds & side planks. I need to get a yoga mat for home for next time, the plywood lifting platform was beating me up during the deck squats so I didn’t think rolling more was a good idea, my tailbone wasn’t going to like it.