DWM Sat 12/26/15

Sat 12/26/15:

A. Squat Snatch – 8 singles @ 85-90%; rest as needed
Did 8 singles at 225, missed 2 of them, but came right back with more focus and made the next one. Felt good, just needed the ICE to make sure I was locked in.
B. Front Squat – 3,3,2,2; rest 3min (heavy, not maximal)
Felt strong today, probably all the food, haha. Went with 255-275-295-315. The 315 was pretty heavy, but I definitely had a little more in the tank.
20 Steps Front Rack Walking Lunge @ 135#
10 Strict HSPU
2 Rope Climbs (1 legless + 1 w/ legs)
Rest 2min
x4 sets
These were pretty easy. I actually got faster on the lunges as I went so my times got faster. I went 1:25-1:24-1:22-1:20. Everything was unbroken.

Running Prep – 20min (aerobic + DROM)
Run – 4 x 400m; rest 60sec (1mi pace)
Rest 4min
Run – 6 x 200m; rest 30sec (1mi pace)
This was good, I made all my goals reasonably easily, never had to dig. Lower back tightened up after 2 of the 400s, but I was able to just push through to finish. I think it’s just from tight glutes from sitting at everyone’s house for all the parties and also tight abs from that crazy circuit the other day, I’ll loosen them up tonight and the next few days.

I went 1:20-1:28 on the 400s and 40-42 on that 200s. I also ran on a track, so these are exact distances.
ROMwod – 40min
Will complete tonight.

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