DWM Sat 12/27/14

DWM Sat 12/27/14

Sat 12/27/14:
Slept about 7 hours on Fri night, but the 2 babies were up all night, so I’m not exactly sure how much was sleep and how much was not. I was definitely feeling the fatigue from the Friday session on Saturday morning.

I 7
C 8
E 7
Not my best session, I wasn’t feeling so hot from the day before and my legs quads & hips were completely smoked.

A. Deadlift @51×1 tempo – 5,5,5,5; rest 2min (heavy, build)
This went pretty good. My sets were 275-315-345-345. I was happy I could make 345 with the tempo, it was definitely difficult though. Videos below:
Set 1:

Set 2: No Video
Set 3:

Set 4:

5 Rounds for time
10 STOH @ 135#
10 Front Squats @ 135#
10 BF Burpees
I knew this was going to be difficult, especially the way my quads felt and just the general fatigue I was feeling, but it was still harder than I expected. I made all sets of 10 unbroken, but after round 1 I slowed considerably and I needed to rest between the S2OH & Front Squats. Time was 11:15. Video is below: