DWM Sat 12/28/13

DWM Sat 12/28/13

Sat 12/28/13:
Felt good this morning. Got a 1.5 hour nap in yesterday and 8 hours of sleep last night. Also, I went with Kelly to arial yoga last night for the first time. It was very relaxing, I got to work on my hips, psoas & shoulders which was really good. I’m not sure I’ll go to arial yoga again anytime soon because a lot of the class was core and strength work, which I don’t really need out of my yoga, but I’ll probably take some yin yoga and maybe some vinyasa for mobility.

5 rounds of:
Row, 1000 m
15 Thrusters, 75 lbs
15 Pull-ups
15 Burpees

Split times are as follows:
Round 1 – 6:01
Round 2 – 13:21 (7:20)
Round 3 – 20:42 (7:21)
Round 4 – 27:49 (7:07)
Round 5 – 34:32 (6:43)

This WOD went well. The rower was definitely the slowest and shittiest part. In round 2 I rowed a little too fast and I paid for it in the thrusters, pull ups & burpees, so I slowed down the row just a tad during rounds 3 through 5 and it paid off.

This was a long video that is going to take awhile to load to youtube, but I’ll have it up later today.