DWM Sat 12/6/14

DWM Sat 12/6/14

Sat 12/6/14:
Got some good sleep last night, I think 8+ hours. Shoulders were very tight this morning, I’m guessing from the KB swings, MUs, C2B & burpees the day before. I wasn’t excited about wtd. vest HSPUs. I was also feeling some fatigue in my legs.

I 10
C 10
E 10

Good session. I definitely pushed myself for every last rep in the HSPU and power cleans.

A. Wtd. Vest Strict HSPU – 6 x AMRAP UB; rest 90sec
I lasted a little longer than the week before, but I also fell off a little harder in rounds 5 & 6. Scores were 15-12-10-9-6-5. These are tough and the tightness and fatigue I was already feeling in my shoulders didn’t help. Video below:

10min AMRAP
30 Power Cleans @ 45% – 125# – 30 reps
30 Power Cleans @ 65% – 175# – 30 reps
AMRAP Power Cleans @ 85% in remaining time – 235# – 8 reps
*base load on 1RM POWER CLEAN not squat clean
This was freaking hard. When I was warming up the power clean it became clear quickly that I wasn’t as fresh as I would’ve like to be for this. 125 lbs was super easy, 175 lbs felt heavier than it should have, but I was still able to push the pace there and then 235 felt like a million pounds. During the warm up I hit 235 a handful of times and it never really felt good even before the WOD, I just felt like I didn’t have the pop in my hips so I knew it was going to be a fight once I was fatigued after the first 60 reps. I just did my best to fight and not miss a rep. My score was 68 or 8 reps at 235 lbs. I know this could use improvement, but we’ve known for a long time now that my power cleans at higher end percentages need help. I guess we just gotta keep working on it. Video below: