DWM Sat 1/9/15

A. HS walking Tech/Practice – 10-15min
This went really well, I did (2) 100′ races, did the first one in like 1:15, did the second one in 58 seconds. My biggest key here is to remember to breathe, when I do that I walk much better than when I hold my breath.
B. OHS – 3 x 15 UB; rest 60-90sec (135# across)
Completed. No trouble, felt good.
3 Rounds for time
3 Rope Climbs to 15′
10 Thrusters @ 115#
12 Alt DB Snatches @ 60#
My rope climbs saw much improvement after watching your video and talking about technique, they were a hell of a lot easier. I went UB on all the thrusters and the DB snatches were a bitch, but I worked though them. I had to use a 65# DB because I don’t have a 60 and I didn’t want to go down to 55 lbs. My time was 6:25. Video below

…right into
10min AB @ 250W (same effort as Monday)
Completed, actually did better on the effort during this one than I did on Monday.
3 Rounds
45sec Hollow Rock
45sec Arch Rock
45sec Side-plank
**rest as needed b/t

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