DWM Sat 2/1/14

Sat 2/1/14:
Slept like a rock last night and got a solid 9 hours of sleep, I felt good this morning. I had a bit of a knot in my upper back behind my left shoulder blade, probably from all the pulling yesterday, but I’ll work on it with a lacrosse ball and see if I can get rid of it. I’m going to the chiropractor on Tuesday, so if it’s not gone by then, she’ll get rid of it with some ART.

5 Rounds
5 Front squat @ 205# (floor)
5 Deadlift @ 275#
5 Deficit HSPU @ 6″
Time – 6:49
The front squats felt surprisingly heavy starting in round 3, but I guess I should’ve expected that with the 275# deadlifts mixed in. My breathing and heart rate got up there pretty quick because of the weight involved, but I was able to keep them under control and not take too long of rests. Video below:

Row – 3 x 1000m @ 85% effort; rest 3min
I continue to hate the rower, but I just did my best to keep a consistent pace and crank through these. My hamstrings were screaming by the end of each 1,000m because of all the snatches yesterday and cleans/deadlifts in the first WOD, but I recovered well in the 3 minutes rest. I didn’t video this because it’d be extremely boring to watch, but the split times are below.
Round 1 – 3:38.3
Round 2 – 3:43.1
Round 3 – 3:41.4

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