DWM Sat 2/14/15

Sat 2/14/15:
Felt good in the morning, got some solid sleep last night and was ready to rock 14.4 again. Feeling tight and fatigued in the chest & triceps after all the dips & push-ups yesterday.

Open 14.4
14min AMRAP
60cals Row
50 TTB
40 Wallball
30 Power Cleans @ 135#
20 Muscle-ups
The workout went as planned. I did the row at a quick, but comfortable pace, finished in about 2:40. Then I hit the TTB 10-5s, which was my plan to save some energy and save my grip. Then I went 25-10-5 on the wall balls. Looking back, I probably should’ve just done the final 5 with the 10, but I was thinking about the cleans and wanted to slow my pace a little. I did the PCs in 10 sets of 3. Not sure if this was a good or bad move, but it’s what I did last year, so I did it again. At this point, I was almost exactly at the same split I was last year when I got to the MUs. Last year I did all 2s for the MUs, so I decided to go with 4s & 3s as long as I could and then go 2s. I hit (2) 4s & (1) 3 and then did (4) 2s and a single. At the end of the MUs, I was about 20 seconds ahead of last year. Then I went and cranked on the rower to get 9 cals, which was 7 more reps than last year.

Limiting factor was definitely the dip part of the MU. I think I would’ve definitely gone faster had I not done dips & push-ups the day before, but I improved, so I’ll take it. Video is below.

Row – 20min @ easy recovery pace

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