DWM Sat 2/15/14

Sat 2/15/14:
Woke up extremely sore from all the work yesterday, especially my shoulders & my adductors. Once the warmup was over, I was feeling much better, but I definitely wasn’t sure how I was going to make it work based on the way I felt when I got out of bed.

6x @ Open Pacing
15 Wallball
5 Muscle-ups
Time – 8:31
Rest-walk 15min
The first few rounds went smooth and then the wall balls started to add up. The wall balls remained doable, but the muscle ups got more and more difficult. I think if I’d done this before I would’ve gone 3-2 on each set of 5 muscle ups and tried to keep that throughout, but I thought my performance was still fairly good.

10min AMRAP
10 Overhead Squats @ 135#
10 C2B
Score: 6+8
This was extremely hard. Not sure if this was because of the 15 minutes rest or what, but round 2 & 3 were very difficult. Round 1 wasn’t bad and rounds rounds 4, 5 & 6 weren’t too bad either compared to rounds 2 & 3. The OHS were more difficult than expected, but I started keeping my hook grip during the OHS after round 3 and it seemed to help.

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