DWM Sat 2/28/15

Sat 2/28/15:
Felt good in the morning and the wrist was feeling better.

I 10
C 10
E 10
It was nice to have Danny with me to push on this one. Especially because I knew he should beat me on the burpees so if I was going to win this thing I was going to have to row my ass off. The plan was to go 1000% like you asked, but he definitely delivered the extra push.

Complete Aerobic/Anaerobic Prep – 20min
1 Round @ 1000% Effort
25cals Row
20 Burpees (Sub Box Jumps @ 24″ if burpees are still a no go)
25cals Row
*take this deep into the pain-cave!
This was rough and felt like Fran at the end. Time ended up being 2:28. Not much to say here except that I really got after it. Video is below.

Row/Walk/Mobility – 20min to complete recovery
I really needed this. After about 5 minutes I thought I was going to puke. I had to go outside for a handful of minutes and then come back in and finish the rest of recovery.

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