DWM Sat 5/10/14

Sat 5/10/14:
Woke up bright and early to get my workout in before coaching at 8 am. I definitely didn’t want to be up at 6 am on Saturday, but once I got to the gym and realized I was going to hitting the regional workout that I should be best at, I got pumped up. Body felt good this morning. Like I said yesterday, my recovery has been getting better and better lately. My back & hamstrings were definitely feeling those GHD hip extensions, but nothing terrible, just needed to make sure I warmed them up well.

2014 Regional WOD 4
Strict HSPU
Front Squat @ 195#
Burpees over the bar
Like we texted, I thought this went really well. I know that I could’ve gone faster, but I didn’t want to fail any reps or do any unnecessary work, so I was being cautious. I kept thinking that it was going to get harder and it never really did, which was awesome. I had to do this by myself because I had no one that would train with me this early on Saturday, so with no real time to beat or person to beat I think I did pretty well. I want to do this one again though and see if I can go sub-13, maybe sub-12. My plan was to go 7-7-7, 5-5-5, 5-4, 6, 3 for the HSPUs & front squats, but a couple times I got to where I planned on resting and felt good so I kept going. I went 11-5-5 on the first set of HSPUs, 8-7 on the second set, 6-3 on the 3rd set and unbroken on the 6 & 3. I went 7-7-7 on 21 front squats, 8-7 on the 15, and then unbroken the rest of the way. I obviously did the burpees unbroken, I just tried to do my thing and keep a steady pace without killing myself. Video below:

Cyclical – 20min @ Z1
Gonna do this piece later today after I coach.

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