DWM Sat 5/25/14

DWM Sat 5/25/14

Sat 5/25/14:
It was one of my groomsmen’s birthdays yesterday so we went out to dinner and had some drinks. In hindsight this probably wasn’t the best idea, especially at the beginning of this workout. I got a solid 9 hours of sleep, but I definitely wasn’t fresh for this workout.

9min AMRAP @80%
250m Row
12 Box Jumps
12 HR Push-ups
Rest 3min
This wasn’t too bad except that it was the first one I was doing and was still feeling the effects of the night before. I got 4 rounds at a pretty easy pace. Video below:

7min AMRAP @85%
10 KBS @ 62#
10 Burpees
50m Run
Rest 4min
This one wasn’t too bad either, but all the up and down on the burpees didn’t make my stomach feel so good. I was pretty much recovered from the night before once I finished this one and was sweating pretty good. I got 4 rounds + 10 KBS + 10 Burpees. Video below:

5min AMRAP @90%
7 Power Snatch @ 75#
30 Double-unders
Rest 5min
This one went pretty well, I started to push the pace a little and just tried to go as fast as possible without going to the point where I couldn’t go unbroken. I was feeling pretty good at this point. I got 4 rounds. Video below:

3min AMRAP @95%
10 Pull-ups
10 Thrusters @ 45#
This one was the perfect combination of suck just like Fran always is. I was moving pretty well and never had to break the pull ups or the thrusters. I got 4 rounds + 10 pull-ups. Video below: