DWM Sat 5/30/15

DWM Sat 5/30/15

Sat 5/30/15:
I took a 1.5 hour nap on Friday afternoon and got almost 11 hours of sleep on Friday night, so I think I made up for the sleep that I didn’t get on Thursday night. I felt pretty good in the morning minus some minor soreness in my quads from the wall balls.

I 10
C 10
E 10
This was a great session especially after being frustrated with the result of the day before. I was focused on having good ICE and doing my best and I set a couple PRs.

A. Power Clean – 3,3,3; rest 3min (not TnG, Build)
These were good, I started at 245, then 265, then 275. The 245 & 265 went very well. I knew that 275 was going to be a challenge based on how 265 felt, but I wanted to go for it. I made the first 2 pretty well, the 3rd one just got out in front of me and I wasn’t able to catch it. Videos are below.



B. Front Squat – 4,4,4; rest 2;30 (build)
This was good too, I went 275, 295, 315 with no misses. Not sure if I can get 325 or 335, but I’m pumped to give it a go next time. Videos below.



C. Shoulder Press – 5,5,5; rest 2min (build)
Wasn’t sure how these were going to go since my left shoulder was still bugging me from missing one of those snatches last week. These went well, but not fantastic, my left shoulder hurt a little and was pretty tight overhead. I went 155-165-175(3). Videos below.



D. GHD Sit-up – 4 x15 for time; rest 2min
No trouble here, just banged them out. I’m sore as hell on Monday writing this though. Times were 29-29-28-30. Videos below.
Set 1

Set 2

Set 3

Set 4